OTGOSkills is a global marketplace where both Educators and Learners converge as a community, to pursue a lifetime of learning. Learners will be able to achieve their learning goals through access to our massive library of learning courses established by various industry experts in their given field.


OTGOSkills provides a hassle free approach to registration and self-development. Users are free to learn at their own pace, with the ability to communicate directly with our world class educators via our in-web messenger. Users are also encouraged to discuss their learning topics with other like-minded learners through our forums.

OTGOSkills also offer affiliate marketing campaigns where users are introduced to the power and modern influence of social media marketing, which users can use to their own advantage while making use of our attractive marketing fees. Learn more here.

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OTGOSkills provide a free and easy platform for Educators to share their wealth of knowledge in their respective fields in a Simple 5 step process. All you have to do is

  1. Sign up
  2. Submit your Request
  3. Create Course
  4. Marketing your course
  5. Monitor your learner participation

At OTGOSkills, we adopt a fair and transparent revenue sharing mechanism. Charging only 10% of Educator’s organic subscriptions and 50% for OTGOSkills organic Subscriptions. Educators can also gain up to 25% in revenue from our Affiliate Marketing Campaign Program.

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Join our Team now to become an educator