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How it works?

  1. Tell us your area of expertise, or chat with us to find out the best topics for your profile
  2. Prepare and create your course material, both traditional teaching course materials and Online courses
  3. Educate learners, publish and monitor student completion rate via our OTGOSkills Learning Management System which allows you to communicate and share information in real time
  4. Creating your own marketing campaign, to help monetize your hard work
  5. Track your earning via our Wallet Service

OTGOSkills Learning Management Tools

E-Commerce: Educate learners and monetize your expertise. At OTGOSkills, our educators retain 90% of the nett receivable revenue when you promote your course; or 50% when OTGOSkills promotes it.

User-Friendly: Educate learners in your own style, be creative and flexible when creating your course material

Control: OTGOSkills is an online marketplace where our educators reserve and own the rights to their content. Find out how to improve on your course by gathering feedback from Q&A and student engagement

Tracking: Track your learner completion, Q&A and even your royalty with our fair tracking mechanism.

Support: OTGOSkills friendly staff is ever ready to respond to any educator enquiry with our 24/7 customer support.

OTGOSkills differs from the norm by seeking funding for our students via  SkillsFuture Credit, allowing financial ease during enrolment. We strive to provide an ever expanding portfolio of Skillsfuture Credit Eligible courses to our avid students.

With our peer-to-peer affiliate marketing campaign, we are the first education platform in the world to promote community E-learning. We believe that learning in pairs or in-group induces motivation within the herd.

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